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Doug Cook has been an avid diver since 1969 and received NAUI Instructor status in 1976.   He earned a BS in Biological Oceanography (1976).  He ran a scuba diving charter business in Key Largo, Florida for five years and then earned an MS in Geology (Carbonate Sedimentology, 1984).  Since then, Doug has enjoyed a career in petroleum exploration that has given him the opportunity to travel and dive extensively around this fragile Earth.  He lived with his family in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia leading a petroleum exploration effort in the Rub Al Khali Desert, the Great Empty Quarter, one of the most remote frontiers on the planet from 1998 until retirement in 2016. Doug and Elizabeth are now in Colorado Springs. Doug is devoting his time to astronomy, astrogeology, and writing:




Red Sea   

Great Barrier Reef    

South Africa - Great White Sharks

South Africa – Southern Right Whales

     Oman   Thailand    Bali   Cyprus   

Key Largo     

Cayman Brac    


Florida Manatees

Gulf of Mexico Flower Gardens

Gulf of Mexico Research Submersible Dives

Great Lakes Michigan Wrecks






c 13 yanbu july 2004a

Photo of Doug Cook Red Sea 2004  (Credit Steve Barlow)